Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar, Trumpet

Musical genius; Comes up with the melodies and arrangements you'll be humming tomorrow

Hi, I’m Matt. I caught the music bug probably in the womb, from my piano teacher mom, and the performance bug several years later. My parents took me to my older brother’s middle school band concert, and when a trumpeter in the jazz band started his solo, I was hooked. Looking back, it was probably a pretty awful solo…

So, I played jazz trumpet all throughout my school experience. I attended an arts high school in Las Vegas, played in a ska band, then went on to study jazz at UNLV, where I got to play with a lot of cool acts. I finished up my music degree at BYU, wrote a musical, and then worked on a hodgepodge of music projects: orchestrating music for orchestras, playing studio gigs, producing backing tracks for musicals, and writing music for video games, short films, and commercials, all the while writing songs for myself (and for my wife, of course).

Then my sister, Jessica, called us up and asked if she could stay at our place while in transit from California to Georgia. While she was here, she started asking me questions about songwriting. We eventually realized the best way for her to learn about it was to start writing songs. After a few days, our first song, “Hipsters”, was born, and thus the band.

My wife, Joanna, has been the catalyst for so many of my musical opportunities. She encourages me, speaks up for me, and supports my endeavors.

For The Hoover Jam, we record almost everything in my home studio in Provo, UT; and the band has been a great source of sustenance for both the music and performance bugs which have taken up permanent residence in my soul.