Bass, Vocals

Likes long walks through the mountains and intense Zumba workouts

Hi, I’m Evette. I’m a singer/songwriter with over 23 years of professional performance and recording experience. I love to write and sing in various styles from Jazz, Broadway, and Blues to Bluegrass, Gospel and Folk music. I bring a lifetime of passion and love of music to every project I’m involved in.

I began my performance career as a musical theater student. I then joined the cast at the top tourist destination in Denver Colorado where I performed multiple shows nightly in a small ensemble group for several years.

In 2001 I married into The Dutton Family in Branson Missouri and continued to perform nightly singing and playing bass and keyboard at The Dutton Family Theater Complex until 2008. During those years I produced an album of original songs with my husband Joshua and I performed in several television specials with the Dutton family. I was also involved as a singer for The Island Fire Show in Branson in 2007.

I began playing folk/variety music gigs for Summer reunion groups and festivals in Utah with my children and husband in 2014 under the name Joshua’s Tree.

Now I’m writing and recording my own projects and stories, playing and singing with my band The Hoover Jam, leading up Joshua’s Tree, and I’m available to help with vocals or lyrics for fellow musicians. I live in Provo Utah with my husband and four children.